San Mauro olives from the Proprietà di Doorten come from the Sabine Hills near Rome, an area reputed for the quality of its olive oil for centuries due to its favourable climate and soil composition.

In Roman times, olive oil was assigned to different categories. The best olive oil bore the classification ‘Oleum Ex Albis Ulivas’. This oil was made from olives picked in November. These early-ripening olives produce olive oil with a very low degree of acidity and a high polyphenol content.

The production of San Mauro olive oil is based on these ancient Roman traditions. The olives are picked between mid-October and mid-November and are cold-pressed within 24 hours of being harvested. The olive oil is stored unfiltered in tanks and bottled in dark bottles after at least one month.

Due to the early harvest, fast processing and the very careful storage method, San Mauro olive oil is unique in its freshness. San Mauro olive oil has a fruity and slightly bitter, peppery flavour.

There are two types of San Mauro Novolio Extra Vergine di Oliva: Colline di San Mauro and San Mauro BiCultivar.

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